Understanding domain and server

A domain is a web address that allows people to access your website. It’s the part of the URL that comes before the “.ca” or other top-level domain. For example, in the URL “www.webonology.ca“, “webonology” is the domain.

A server is a computer that stores the files and data for your website and makes them available to users who access the domain. When someone types your domain into their web browser, the server sends the files and data for your website to their device, allowing them to view and interact with your site.

When it comes to deploying a website, the domain and server are both important. The domain is how people will find and access your website, while the server is where your website files and data are stored and served from.

To deploy a website, you’ll need to register a domain and set up a server to host your website files. This can involve choosing a hosting provider, setting up a server, and uploading your website files to the server. Once this is done, your website will be live and accessible to anyone who types your domain into their web browser.

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